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Home power generation has increased dramatically, both in popularity and practicality, over the last few years and there is no doubt that this momentum will continue to increase exponentially into the future.  As technological advances have been made, the costs of building home power generators have dropped significantly and the reality now is that affordable, practical solutions to generating your own home energy are now available, as an alternative to increasing costs from the power companies or expensive commercial solutions.

Home Power Generators

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Why More & More People Are Considering Building Their Own Home Power Generators

Some of the advantages of home power generation:

  • Reduce your Power Bills - you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars year upon year.  Depending upon your individual circumstances and the type of home power generation you choose, it is possible to eliminate your power bills completely.  ‘Live off the grid’ or, if you choose to stay on-grid, you can make your electricity meter run backwards and get paid for the extra energy you produce!  When your home power generator is creating enough energy for you to become self-sufficient, you will never have to worry again about rising energy prices or interruptions of power supply.
  • Conserve a Cleaner Environment for the Future - using 100% renewable energy to power your home obviously reduces your reliance on our earth’s diminishing natural resources.  If enough of us do our part to help the environment by creating our own home power generators, we can collectively and effectively make a difference in reducing global warming and helping to preserve our planet for future generations.
  • Have Fun Building Your Own Home Power Plant - involve your family and they too will enjoy being part of creating something that will benefit not only their finances but their planet.
  • Turn Your New Hobby into a Profitable Business - people have found that, having created their own home power generators, they have had the opportunity to do the same for others, turning this into a profitable and very satisfying business venture.
  • Feel Good - knowing that by generating your own home power from renewable energy sources, you’ve made a positive change for yourself, your children and your planet!  You will have become part of the solution (not the problem) and, as you benefit financially also, this is a fantastic WIN-WIN situation!

Home Power Generators - Criteria for Evaluating the Solutions Available

Good, practical solutions to design and build affordable home power generators should fulfil the following criteria:

  • Availability – the materials used should be those that the average person can source easily.
  • Cost - the cost of the overall project should be kept to an acceptable level.
  • Simplicity – the design and instructions should be simple enough for anyone, regardless of technical skills and experience, to follow.  They should be Step-by-Step, straightforward, detailed and precise.  Instructions to connect to your home should also be included, as should full maintenance details.
  • Time – the project is much more likely to be started and reach a successful completion if you know that it should take just a day or two (and not weeks or months).
  • Practicality – the home power generation you choose to build should work for your current situation.
  • Return on Investment – you should be able to recoup your financial investment quickly.
  • Customer Support – if you have any queries or questions.
  • Legality – you will need to be aware of any required legal information regarding your new power system.
  • Lifetime updates so that you can keep up-to-date with new developments.
  • Money-back Guarantee – for a reasonable period of time (for example 8 weeks).

We have reviewed many of the guides currently available against our criteria above and, whilst they all have their advantages and disadvantages, the only one we feel we can recommend without reservation is the Earth4Energy Guide - we have written a comprehensive Earth4Energy Review for your information, together with our additional information, Earth4Energy Customer Feedback and Earth4Energy Questions. Or just click on the link below for more information about home power generation.

Earth4Energy Information

Higher and higher energy prices mean that average home energy bills run into thousands every year and it therefore makes perfect sense to take another look at your energy needs and evaluate the more economic home power generation solutions now available.

People are becoming much more aware of the benefits and the availability of home power generators. Everyone will need to consider home power generation sooner or later and the sooner you start looking into the options available to you, the sooner you will be in a position to take action towards a positive outcome.  By converting to home power generation using renewable energy, you’ll be saving yourself money and also helping to save the planet.

We wish you all the best in your quest to lower your power bills and 'doing your bit' for our environment - if we can answer any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Earth4Energy Information

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