DIY Solar Water Heater Plans

DIY Solar Water Heater PlansHave you been considering a DIY solar water heater?

If so, you are not alone in searching for some good solar water heater plans. Especially with the state of the economy, many people are beginning to think about what they can do to save money. Heating hot water is a major part of anyone’s power bill and therefore generating the power to heat your own hot water can mean significant monthly savings for you. A ready-made system can be expensive to buy, which is all the more reason to consider building your own. This is entirely possible with some good solar water heater plans.

DIY Solar Water Heater Plans

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Does a DIY Solar Water Heater Work Well?

A DIY solar water heater will work just as well and efficiently as the equivalent commercially-bought alternative and today’s technology has made the process much simpler than in the past.

DIY solar water heaters work by using collectors. The collectors are made of solar thermal and have a system - usually a fluid system - that takes the heat from point A to point B. In this type of system, a tank is necessary for storing the heated water until it is ready to be used.

The solar thermal set up is made of either a pumped system or a compact system. It is similar to a hot water tank that works on electricity or natural gas, which is the alternative heat source. The alternative source also can be a wood burner. Once the temperature of the water falls under the set temperature, it will spur the alternative source to heat the water again.

Since the water is always accessible, the heating of the water using solar power and an alternative source such as a chimney will provide the hot water we need. All of this and you do not have to use electricity or other resources that are rapidly being depleted. The use of this type of DIY solar water heater system can be maintained all year for the best energy efficiency.

When water is going to be heated by using the sun's power, a location is chosen to which the collector is fixed. This can be a roof or a wall and often people put them on the ground where they are in full sun. The fluid must be moved using the active system or the passive system through the collector.

The collector does not have to be elaborate. A box that is insulated with a glass top that has a solar absorber is a popular choice. The solar absorber must be flat; normally they are made of sheet metal. This is painted black and is joined to pipes made of copper. The next step would be to set up a system for conveying the water to the collector, where it is heated.

The water is then carried to the tank where it is held until it will be used. Using this system can generate an amount of hot water sufficient for use by your whole family. There are many solar water heater plans available but this is a simple method that many people are using to build their DIY solar water heater.

Good solar water heater plans will also give you useful information about sourcing the materials you will need to build your solar power water heater- most of these can usually be found at your local hardware store. The amount you spend for construction of the system will quickly be recouped in the reduction of your power bills.

You can also find solar water heater plans to heat the water in your pool. This is a very popular choice for DIY solar water heaters - you can enjoy swimming earlier and later in the year and you will not be using electricity to heat the water.

These are the best solar water heater plans we have found – they are very detailed and comprehensive and make a DIY solar water heater project extremely cost-effective and achievable. Please contact us if you have any more questions about this, or you will find more information in the link below.

DIY Solar Water Heater Plans

The emphasis lately has been on finding more natural ways of producing the energy we use on a daily basis. When you contribute to the reduction in using fossil fuels and other sources that we have been depleting for years, you are saving the Earth for future generations. With some good solar water heater plans, a DIY solar water heater is an excellent first step to reducing your carbon footprint and saving yourself money.

We wish you all the best with your home power generation project - please contact us if we can provide any additional information.

DIY Solar Water Heater Plans and Information

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